Fu Shi Therapy


Do you have:


Stress, anxiety or trauma?

Difficulty to live in the present moment?

Difficulty to trust others?

Difficulty to relax and let go?

An addiction?

Lack of self confidence?

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Yet you wish to...

Re-center yourself?

Stop taking things personally

Take a break from your daily life and let go?

Live in perfect harmony with your mind and body?


Then you should try Fu Shi Therapy

Fu Shi Therapy is a floatation therapy that helps relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety and trauma. We have helped over 1000 patients and the results are very positive.

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What happens during a Fu Shi session?

  1. You will float on the water with your eyes closed, supported by floats.

2.   Your face will remain dry.

3.  The Aqua Therapist will conduct some movements to help you let go. Slowly gliding your body around.

4.  Your body will feel caressed by the water relaxing you completely.

5.  You will release all of your tension and you will feel a sense of wellbeing and serenity. 


Physiological Benefits

Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system

Reduction and control of stress, anxiety and trauma

Facilitates cardiovascular relaxation

Attenuation of the muscle spasms

Decreases the heart rate

Helps to ease back pain


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