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About AWI

Gerald Melieres, a recognised Aqua Therapist created the Fu Shi Therapy in March 2013. He also wrote an Aqua Phobia method that is today, widely used.

Mia Melieres, a newly trained Aqua Therapists, in the same specialities joined Gerald Melieres.

They shared the same vision which was to help people and to build a community.

Together they founded AWI – Aqua Wellness International.

They first decided to add Aqua Fitness classes to their activities with the same purpose, to help the people become better. That is why, instead of doing Aqua Aerobics, they crafted special courses with limited numbers in attendance using professional equipment (Aqua Bike, Aqua Pool Bar, Hydrotones, along with other specialised equipment). They believed that personal training in small groups was one solution to focus on each individuals progress and bring them that one step further and to achieve results.

AWI has two main goals.

The first one is to help people overcome their Stress, Anxiety and Aqua Phobia.

The second goal is to train future Aqua Therapists worldwide so that we can spread our message and our specialities around the world.

Fu Shi Therapy is not very common but the results are impressive!

Likewise for Aqua Phobia. There are 1 out of 7 people in the world who are Aqua Phobic, that means over 1 billion. Yet there are so few Therapists, who are specialised to help individuals overcome their fear of water.