Fu Shi Therapy


Do you have:


Stress, anxiety or trauma?

Difficulty to live in the present moment?

Difficulty to trust others?

Difficulty to relax and let go?

An addiction?

Lack of self confidence?

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Yet you wish to...

Re-center yourself?

Stop taking things personally

Take a break from your daily life and let go?

Live in perfect harmony with your mind and body?


Then you should try Fu Shi Therapy

Fu Shi Therapy is a floatation therapy that helps relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety and trauma. We have helped over 1000 patients and the results are very positive.

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What happens during a Fu Shi session?

Each Fu-Shi Session is one on one.

  1. You will float on the water with your eyes closed, supported by floats.

2.   Your face will remain dry.

3.  The Aqua Therapist will conduct some movements to help you let go. Slowly gliding your body around.

4.  Your body will feel caressed by the water relaxing you completely.

5.  You will release all of your tension and you will feel a sense of wellbeing and serenity. 


Physiological Benefits

Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system

Reduction and control of stress, anxiety and trauma

Facilitates cardiovascular relaxation

Attenuation of the muscle spasms

Decreases the heart rate

Helps to ease back pain


Fu Shi Cases

Below you will find some of our past Fu Shi cases.


A 50 year old lady was sleeping in her bed when her apartment building was blown up by a bomb. She woke up in darkness, stuck under the building, with no food, water or light for 3 days. 
Once the rescue teams believed there were no more live humans, they decided to stop the search. Luckily, a trained dog found her and she was able to be rescued at the last minute. 

She came to us with an unbearable trauma with panic and anxiety. She could not sleep and had a security guard right outside her door. 

After 16 Fu Shi sessions she accepted what had happened to her and regained her confidence, security and was able to be herself again. Each time she passed by Alpha during her Fu Shi sessions, her subconscious would tell her conscious "you are ok" allowing her to slowly come back to herself.


A 35 year old woman, always found herself in bad relationships with men that never lasted. She believed all men were bad.

After 4 Fu Shi sessions, she was still very tense and was unable to let go of something that had happened in her past.
During the 5th session, she began to cry and the crying continued throughout the whole day. 

By the end of the 6th Fu Shi session, she opened her eyes and said "I know you raped me Dad, but I forgive you."

After the Fu Shi treatment, she went to see her father to tell him that she knew. She had spent her entire life burying and denying the experience and during her Fu Shi experience, her subconscious confronted her with the truth.

After having cried the entire day, she was able to release her trauma and finally understand why she had always struggled with men. 

Shortly after her realisation, she met a man and 2 years later they married and now have a child. 


An American lady had spent the past 2 years taking care of her mother who fought cancer. After those 2 years, her mother passed away. One week after, her father was diagnosed with Alzheimers. 

She simply could not cope and spiralled into a depression. When she came to see us, every time we would speak, she would cry.

After 9 Fu Shi sessions, she did not forget what had happened to her mother and father, however she had accepted it and went back in much better shape.


A 50 year old Indonesian lady had a stroke. She was hosputalised and recovered completely. 
Strange enough, every 2 weeks, for a few hours, her left side would become numb.
Her doctor sent her to us to see what we could do. After 8 Fu Shi sessions she never experienced numbness again. 

Despite the fact that she had recovered from the stroke, her mind had not recovered and without realising, the symptoms of the stroke were still in the back of her mind.


A 20 year old woman had suffered from back pain since the age of 14 after being in a car accident. She had 3 herniated discs and her lower vertebrae had fused together with her tailbone. 
She had visited several specialists over the years and nothing seemed to help. Eventually the pain became a part of her everyday life.

During her university studies in London, she suffered unbearable pain to the point that she could not walk and her body had become completely twisted de to the imbalance. She spent every week in hospital for 6 months and was prescribed strong medication. 

After 8 Fu Shi sessions, along with very mild Aqua-Rehabilitation, her back pain disappeared. When every specialist she visited told her "you have a serious back injury and cannot walk" she believed them. 

By not doing anything she lost all of her muscles and mobility and therefore could not hold herself up properly. 

During her Fu Shi, she was able to remove the doctors words that had been imprinted in her mind, giving her the strength to regain muscles again. 

After not participating in any sporting activities for the past 6 years, M has now been doing Aqua Fitness for 4 years and has built muscles to support her back. 


A 40 year old mother lost her 9 year old daughter to an asthma attack in her sleep. She was devastated. She could not eat, talk or get out of the house. Eventually, she came to us to do Fu Shi.

Throughout all of her Fu Shi sessions, she was crying before and after, however by the end of her third session she begun to smile. 

Through Fu Shi, she was able to release her anxiety, grief, guilt and fear which was released through laughter.

Today, she is taking good care of her husband and her son. She has not forgotten what happened to her daughter but she has accepted her situation and is continuing to live her life.


A 50 year old German ladt experienced severe back pain and insomnia for 8 years. It had, of course, an impact on her mood. 

During her Fu Shi sessions, she was able to relax and let go of her body, releasing all of her muscles and vertebrae.

After 6 sessions, she no longer had back pain and her insomnia had completely disappeared. 

Today she is extremely positive and feels like a new person. Light and happy.


A 42 year old Austrian lady became sick and had a lot of pain in her joints and could not walk anymore. She went to the hospital and was tested for Dengue but the results were negative. The doctors could not identify what she had. She came to us to see if we could help. Our therapists believed she had a virus called Chikungunya. 

Chikungunya is a deadly disease caused from a mosquito giving you a high fever and the symptoms of arthritis. 

We did 3 Fu Shi sessions. After the first session she could walk slowly our of the pool. After the last session she was 90% better and could move again. She was then hospitalised to get rid of the virus, but her body was no longer in pain. 


A 15 year old boy was hit in the head with a baseball bat 3 years ago ad suffered from extreme pain. Every morning he would wake up screaming for 1 hour. The screams had become so frequent that his parents lived with ear plugs. He also needed injection in his face every 2 hours to reduce the pain. 

We did 6 Fu Shi sessions in total. After the first session he came back the next day and told us the screaming lasted only 30 minutes. By the end of the week, the screaming lasted only 5 minutes with breaks and he had injections every 4 hours. On our final day, his doctor who had been treating him for 3 years came to thank us. 

Because this had been so traumatic for him, every morning when he would wake up, he would think "I am going to have pain again" which woudl result in more pain. Fu Shi removed the psychosomatic symptoms that were created in his mind. So in the end, the pain he felt, was the real pain and was no longer the pain enhanced by his mind. 

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