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Gerald Melieres has been a French Aqua Therapist for many years, originally specialised in Aqua Phobia. 

As an Aqua Therapist he decided to expand his knowledge and skills and has participated in specialised training in the United States, Germany, Switzerland and France mainly in Aqua Rehabilitation.

After having conducted Aqua Phobia retreats for several years in France, he decided to move to Bali to open an Aqua Therapy center. 

In February 2013, Gerald founded Aqua Wellness International. After years of experience in the water and supported by his background in Psychology, he created and launched Fu-Shi Therapy and used this along with Aqua Rehabilitation as the back bone of his aquatic activities. 

In 2016, Mia Taffin an Australian Aqua Therapist joined Gerald as co-owner of Aqua Wellness International. 

In 2018, they married and she is now known as Mia Melieres. 

Together, they have conducted courses to train Aqua Therapists from China, Italy, Australia and the United States. 

In Bali, they developed Aqua Fitness classes using specialised equipment from France. This became very popular and they reached very good results. 

In 2018, they decided to move to Australia to further develop AWI. They worked in the Illawarra for 1 year, conducting Aqua fitness classes and collaborating with Osteopaths within the area to help people with Bursitis, hip and knee replacements, back injuries and shoulder injuries. 

In Fu Shi Therapy, they have helped thousands of people suffering from insomnia, addictions, loss, trauma, stress and anxiety. 

Gerald has cured more than 3000 Aqua-phobic patients worldwide with the method that he wrote and published. 

Mia and Gerald have now relocated to Bowral to set up their new center. They are collaborating with local Surgeons and Doctors to continue to help patients overcome their pain, whether it be physical or mental. 

If you are interested, please contact us for more information: 0456 937 470

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