Aqua Fitness

AWI offers 3 Aqua Fitness classes that focus on achieving a full body workout. We use specialised equipment including the Aqua bike that has become extremely popular in Europe and in the USA. 

The Aquabike is a stationary bike that is in the water. It is known to burn calories more efficiently than traditional land cycling. On average, you can burn up to 800 calories per 45 minute class. It is quite simple, the faster you pedal, the more calories you will burn. It is an excellent form of exercise that is low impact yet you still build muscle strength and improve your cardiovascular system. 

The Aqua Bike also reduces cellulite. Each time you pedal, your lower body is massaged by the water. These thousands of massages help combat cellulite.


One of our other specialised equipment is the pool bar which is used to strengthen your core. 

Unlike traditional land exercise methods, where you train your muscles to exhaustion, Aqua Fitness leaves you feeling relaxed and with no exercise hangover.

Whatever your age is and whatever your goals are, our Aqua Fitness Instructors will help you get there! 

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Benefits of Aqua Biking

Improves Water Retention

Burns Calories

Reduces Cellulite

Eliminates Toxins

Lose Weight

Low Impact

Develop Cardio


Classes We Offer

We have a selection of different Aqua Fitness classes to cater to your goals. Each of our classes are small so that we can focus on the individual needs of each person.

Our Aqua Fitness trainer is always in the water with you, doing the same exercise as you. 

The pre-requisite is for your to obtain a certificate from your doctor saying that there is contraindication. 


Sculpt & Tone


Aqua Spinning


Aqua Core

Recommended for all ages and fitness levels

Before attending an Aqua Spinning class, you must must attend at least one Aqua Sculpt & Tone class. 

This popular class is made to develop full-body strength. In this class, we use the Aqua bike, dumbbells, hydro-tones and noodles to obtain a toned and sculpted physique.

Anyone can attend this course, it does not matter what age you are or whether you are a beginner, a fitness junkie or somewhere in between.

Our instructors curate each class to your specific needs and focus on bringing you closer to your goals.

Recommended for weight loss and reduction in cellulite.

Before attending an Aqua Core class, you must attend at least one Aqua Sculpt & Tone Class. 

Are you looking to improve your cardio? Lose weight? or reduce cellulite?

Then this is the perfect class for you.

Cycling in the water has a low impact on your joints and each time you peddle, your lower body is massaged by the water thousands of times.

The combination of these massages with speed and water resistance allow you to see and feel results in a matter of weeks.

Advanced class

This class is designed primarily to strengthen your core - abdominals and back.

Throughout this class, we use noodles and the pool bar. The exercises are very similar to pilates movements. 

This is a challenging class and we do not recommend you do this if you are a beginner.