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Aqua Rehabiltation

Pre/Post Surgery

Everyone knows how good it feels to take a dip in the pool on a hot day, and how water can relax and relieve your tired muscles. It really can add a boost to your physical therapy routine as well. 

What exactly is Aqua Rehabilitation? It is essentially therapy in water. It is commonly used to ease any form of chronic pain and reduces symptoms of osteoathritis, rheumatoid arthritis, sprains, torn muscles and low back pain. 

Post surgery: Aqua Rehabilitation is used to speed up the recovery of patients after surgery who are unable to bear weight completely or have difficultly with mobility. 

Our Aqua Therapists are always in the water with you guiding you through a variety of gentle exercises that are designed specifically to help in your rehabilitation.

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Benefits of Aqua Rehabilitation

Less Pressure

The buoyancy of the water decreases the amount of pressure, or compressive forces, on your joints and spine. When you are immersed in water up to your neck, the weight pressing down on your body is reduced by 90%. 
When you are immersed in water up to your waist, the pressure is reduced by 50%. 
This can be especially helpful after surgery when your body is healing and you need to be careful about how much weight is placed on the surgical site.


Reduced Swelling

The pressure of the water helps to move fluid from the injured area back into the body. Decreased swelling is essential for regraining the strength and motion needed for recovery.

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Decreased Pain

Water slows and buffers movement, which then decreases the incidence of pain. Warm water helps to decrease muscle spasms as well.


Faster Progress

Aerobic conditioning can often be performed in the water even when it may be too soon or too difficult to do in the gym. Staying stable in the water challenges your core and balance, and sports-specific activity can begin earlier than it can on land. Aqua moon-walking can produce cardiovascular results with fewer impacts on your joints.

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Ease of Movement

Water is a medium that supports and assists movement. It offers a safe and pain-free setting for you to focus on regaining strength and joint range of motion.


It's Fun!

Water is a constantly changing environment that can keep you challenged and motivated during your recovery. 
If you would like to give it a try, speak to your doctor or physical therapist to help you decide whether or not Aquatic Therapy is right for you.

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I had injured my foot and hip during other exercise regimes and subsequently had difficulty walking upstairs.

I tried Aqua Wellness International where Gerald and Mia put me through extensive rehab and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could do it without any pain.

I subsequently attended the Aqua Therapy classes without pain. I love Aqua Wellness where the individual attention of Mia and Gerald helped me to achieve a level of wellness and strength.



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