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Straight from the Source

I had been a yoga teacher for over 25 years and had taught massage at Diploma level for many years as well, but I was looking for something new where I could build more strength and improve my cardiovascular system.

It was obvious from the very beginning that Gerald brought something different to aqua training and before long I was attending his course 3 times each week.

Gerald is a hands-on teacher. He is in the pool with you, leading and demonstrating the practices. He keeps his groups small and this allows him to observe each participant closely - tracking their improvements, addressing their weaknesses and identifying aspects of the way each person trains that may influence their progress.

These aspects may be psychological or emotional, as well as physical, and he has methods that address these more subtle aspects without the person feeling imposed upon or threatened. I have witnessed a couple of people I know well, undergo quite major positive changes in 'personality' as a result, becoming more open, more communicative, more comfortable with others and, though this is hard to quantify, more happy in themselves.

Gerald is very attuned to group dynamics and he uses this skill to bring each participant along more effectively. He encourages competition when it serves that purpose but not to the point that it builds a hierarchy in the group. His teaching is inclusive and nurturing, though he does have ways of pushing people towards their best, without being overbearing or didactic.

He is not only in the pool with you, teaching, explaining and extrapolating the benefits of each technique, but he likes to entertain as well. He is a big personality but not a needy one. He can be very funny, sometimes at his own expense, and often keeps up a continuous encouraging patter when everyone else is close to breathless from their efforts. And he is full of stories based on his experiences from over 20 years of teaching this work.

In my view, from the perspective of a former high school teacher and massage teacher, and currently as a yoga teacher, Gerald utilises the most effective tools in any teacher's skill base. Acknowledgement and praise. He knows his students well and acknowledges them as strong individuals in their own right, recognising both their efforts and their improvements. He gives praise judiciously, genuinely and generously, where and when he sees anything that deserves it. He knows the power of praise based on achievement, but also the implications of false praise. I have never heard him criticise or imply weakness or laziness in any of his students publicly or in the pool.

I gladly recommend Gerald to anyone who sincerely wants to improve their health and fitness.

Greg Wythes

Out of all the styles of fitness classes I have tried the aqua bikes have been the most valuable for overall well being. Gerald and Mia are terrific instructors and tailor the class to individual needs. I would highly recommend this program for full fitness and health.

Anne Mayfield

I have been attending the Awi Aqua Fitness Course for over a year and I have found this Course of Fitness has helped me develop a stronger, fitter and overall healthier lifestyle. This program is fantastic for all ages and the Trainers
Gerald and Mia are soo helpful and professional! I highly recommend AWI


Gerald & Mia’s aqua fitness program was recommended to me by a friend who had been benefitting from a regular twice weekly attendance.

Having had an ACL reconstruction the year before and after a significant period of physical inactivity, the water proved to be both a unique & ideal medium to confidently begin exercise once more.

The 45-90 minute program engages the body as a whole, from cardio to upper body, leg & core strength work. My experience with the underwater exercise bike & standing pedal machine (imagine unicycle, less the seat) I found to be a truly rewarding love/hate relationship.
Whilst this class has a great remedial element, I would recommend it to anyone, whatever their age or fitness level - both Gerald & Mia have a keen awareness in what your personal goals/ needs are & how best to achieve them.

Ben Salakas

After a serious injury, I was looking to return to a low impact exercise programme that would provide multiple health benefits to improve my health.

I joined Mia and Gerald’s aqua fitness classes. My instructor Mia was always professional, informative and designed a variety of routines to meet the individual needs of all ages and abilities.

My strength and flexibility definitely improved and I would have no hesitation in recommending their classes to anyone wanting to have fun while improving their fitness or for rehabilitation.


I had injured my foot and hip during other exercise regimes and subsequently had difficulty walking upstairs. I tried Aqua Wellness International where Gerald and Mia put me through extensive rehab and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could do it without any pain.

I subsequently attended the Aqua Therapy classes without pain. I love Aqua Wellness where the individual attention of Mia and Gerald helped me to achieve a level of wellness and strength.


Total body work out for both body and mind. The exercises are like nothing I have ever experienced before. Fun, strenuous, challenging, just amazing!!

I hate gyms, and the pain I experience the day after the work out. Working out in the water, you never experience the day after pain. The water is so therapeutic on the body and mind - just love it.

Mia and Gerald are so passionate about this form of exercise and getting you fit and moving. I am in my mid-sixties, and work out with my daughter. Both of us feel same, couldn't wait for our classes, initially starting once a week for 45min, and in a very short time attending twice a week 1.5 hours - and we truly loved every minute of it.

Deborah Carryer-Kemp

I found through my sessions with Gerald and Mia, that my muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness, greatly improved. The classes helped with my core strength and resulted in an overall benefit to both my physical and mental well-being.

The class has a great atmosphere, with dedicated instructors that target aerobic endurance and resistance training through a great low-impact workout – Cannot recommend enough!


Gerald and Mia are lovely people and excellent teachers.

They treat every person with great kindness and care.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.


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